Award Winning Athlete Data Management Software

Winner of the 2015 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Alpha award for the technology most likely to impact sport on a global basis.

All of Your Data in One Place

SMARTABASE is the solution coaches, scientists, athletes, and managers have been searching for. One place where you can store all of your data, and automate a range of reporting and alerting features. There is simply no limit to the types of data you can store in SMARTABASE – numbers, text, videos, images, documents and even raw files from all of your favorite technologies like heart rate, GPS and sensors. Store everything from administrative profiles, medical information, fitness tests and training programs through to coaching data, performance analysis and psychological testing and training.

Use your data to assess athlete readiness, manage injuries and return to play, run training programs, assess performance and keep your athletes at their best, week in, week out.

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Bring Your Data to Life

A great database doesn’t just mean being able to store all your data. SMARTABASE takes your data and automates a wide range of processes that will keep you and your team informed. From simple color coded dashboards to stunning interactive data visualizations, live excel feeds and automated SMS/email alerts, SMARTABASE will put the information you need for informed decision making at your fingertips.

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Access Anywhere, Anytime

You will never be limited to where and when you can enter and access your data.

  • Completely web based platform hosted by us or by you
  • Offline installed version for PC or Mac – use it anywhere and synchronize when you get back to the internet
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android – also with offline capability when traveling or in the field

Powerful Integration Options

SMARTABASE can store and analyze data from any third party device or software package to save your staff hours of time every day and ensure data can be acted upon immediately.

API Connectors

SMARTABASE has a powerful API for direct connections to a range of popular 3rd party products such as GPS vendors or even your own IT systems.

Desktop Uploader

For third party products that do not support direct connection, Fusion Sport’s desktop uploader can make uploading exports simple.

Video Integration

A range of video integration options for use online or on your mobile device. Stream live or download for later.



Lines of code

Development hours


SMARTABASE is ideal for a wide range of data management applications.


All aspects of athlete data management, from schools and clubs to entire Olympic committees.

Performing Arts

Tailored solutions for ballet, dance and circus performers including a powerful rehearsal scheduling system.

Military and Civil Service

Secure data management for optimizing the preparation and health of soldiers, police officers and firefighters.

Research and Education

Central location for all research data, student placement and competency tracking.

Customization: The SMARTABASE Advantage

Customization is critical to delivering a purpose built solution for your organization which is flexible to change as needed in the future. The SMARTABASE Builder interface provides a live web based customization toolkit which allows you to change your site at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Customization Forms

Choose from our stock library of 100s of forms in all data areas, or build your own forms quickly and easily.

Mobile Application

Build your own mobile application by enabling any of your site’s forms on our Apple and Android mobile app.

Performance Standards

Set up your own color coding systems for any variable in the system to bring instant meaning to your data.

Performance Explanations

Configure automated text explanations to give users automated, real-time feedback.

Site Theme

Brand your site and mobile application with your organizations logos, color schemes and background images.

Data Fields

Build your forms and reports by choosing from over 70 different question types, including custom equations and analytics.


Produce automated custom reports by choosing from 8 different reporting modules based on report purpose and target audience.


Customize your own alerts via SMS and/or email based on any data which is inputted into the system.

Page Layouts

Change the page layout of your site for various users to provide a streamlined experience for different user types.

Secure Data Storage

The security of your data is critical. In this era of cloud hosted data management systems, governments and other agencies worldwide are increasing their requirements for ensuring secure and responsible data storage.

Powerful Administration System

The SMARTABASE administration site allows you to customize your own user roles and groups, giving you complete control over access for all system users. You can control access to every single field and athlete in the system quickly and easily via the web at any time.

Best Practice Security

SMARTABASE meets all of the requirements for HIPAA and PEPEDA compliance, and has been independently security tested by experts. All data is encrypted at all times to bank level security standards.

Your Data is Safe

All data is backed up constantly to prevent data loss. Comprehensive audit trails are available for every view or edit within the system. No matter what happens, your data is protected.

Need Help With Data Analytics?

The SMARTABASE platform provides a wide range of reporting, data visualization and analytics tools to bring your data to life. Some of our clients want to take this even further, using their data to take on the big questions such as injury prediction and performance modelling with various techniques including scenario modelling, machine learning and development of advanced statistical models. The SMARTABASE ANALYTICS team can provide your organization with additional assistance and tools to drive your innovation, including a fully integrated Business Intelligence platform powered by Tibco Spotfire, or though integration with your existing BI platform. Learn more about SMARTABASE ANALYTICS.

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