What We Do

Fusion Sport develops, implements and supports a range of technologies to optimize performance and health. Put simply, we help people to strive to do their best. We do this by using leading technologies to collect accurate and reliable data, to store and manage data securely and conveniently, and to then use that data to inform, educate and assist people to analyze the past and guide the future.

Who We Are

Founded in January 2003 by sport scientist Dr Markus Deutsch and mathematician Dr Douglas Moore, we are a group of over 80 dedicated, experienced and highly educated sport scientists, data analysts, engineers and business people. We strive to take the latest technologies available, and combine them with our experience and passion to deliver the optimal value to our clients and their organizations.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the provision of innovative technologies for assessing and optimizing performance, health and fitness for professional and semi-professional sporting teams, centers of excellence, companies, schools, universities and military/civil service institutions.

Our Philosophy

Innovate, integrate, cooperate and deliver.

We constantly strive to create the best technology products in our markets. But we also know that how you use technology is what truly determines its value. Our core philosophy is based on optimizing the value which we deliver to our clients.

Latest, proven technologies

We choose only the most sophisticated, robust wireless technologies, hardware and web-based technologies to build our products with.

Quality assured

We ensure all of our products are the best in terms of accuracy, reliability, workmanship and data integrity.

Designed for the user

We strive to make our products intuitive, timing saving and a pleasure to use.

Seamless integration

We seek and design technologies which provide users with seamless solutions which simply work together.

Constant innovation

We’re constantly improving our service and products in response to client feedback.

Commitment to education

We are committed to advancing the knowledge of our clients and the market through education courses, blogs and social media contributions.

Our Executive Team

Dr Markus Deutsch

Markus completed his PhD in Exercise Physiology during which time he was also a consultant to the New Zealand All Blacks and other elite...

Jose Galindo, MBA
Global Business Development

Dr Sue Robson
SMARTABASE Product Manager

Alan Hung
Engineering Manager

Peter Kyffin
SMARTABASE Operations Manager

David Murphy
Special Projects Manager

Derek Wester
Business Development US & Canada

Steve Risenhoover
Technical Services Manager North America

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