ASCA Conference 2015: Guest Speaker Dr. Craig Duncan Talks About Athlete Monitoring

by Fusion Sport
 | 27th April, 2016

We invited Dr. Craig Duncan to guest speak about Athlete Monitoring at the 2015 ASCA Conference. Dr. Craig Duncan is a Senior Lecturer at ACU in Sport Science and continues to work in high performance sport with the Socceroos, NSW State of Origin, the Western Sydney Wanderers and other professional teams.


The following are a summary of his main topics:

• Athlete Monitoring: Why are we doing it?
• Is GPS a complete Athlete Monitoring System? No it is not, rather it is only a part of it.
• Case Study 2015 Asian Soccer Cup: The importance of Balance in between Accumulative Fatigue and Undertraining.
• Have we become obsessed with injury? Dr. Craig Duncan believes it is more about performance.
• Who is your boss? Have you asked your boss the right questions? How do you know what they need?
• Are Medical, Physio, Statistics, Coaches, S&C Trainers, Sport Scientists working together?
• How do you get buy in from players and coaches? Dr. Craig Duncan explains how education is the key and how he believes in giving the information back.
• What is the “coach’s daily brief”? Who does the interpretation of the “key figures”?
• Training volume: Drop off / Reductions weeks. Things to be aware of and why.
• What is “TSE” (Training Stress Balance”)? Do you need GPS units to monitor?
• Why does Smartabase work for Dr. Craig Duncan? Flexibility and team support. Learn more!
• The future: Smartabase – Spotfire

We have divided this presentation into a series of three videos.

1. Introduction: Athlete Monitoring
2. 2015 Asian Soccer Cup Experience
3. Injury Prevention: Sport Management and Education