Western Bulldogs Sport Scientist Dr. Sam Robertson Talks About Predictive Analytics and Injury Prediction

  • On October 10, 2016
In Complemenary Training’s latest podcast, Mladen Jovanic talks with Senior Research Fellow and Sport Scientist Dr. Sam Robertson about the role of predictive analytics and injury prediction in sport. Sam Robertson discusses some of his work with the Western Bulldogs Football Club and Victoria University.   Please enjoy the 10th Episode of Complementary Training @Physical_Prep. […]
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Elite Performance Lecturer John Kiely Discusses His Critiques on Periodization

  • On September 26, 2016
In Complemenary Training’s latest podcast, Mladen Jovanic speaks with Senior Lecturer in Elite Performance, John Kiely. John’s career in sport has been varied, having experienced life as an international competitor, coach, sports scientist and strength and conditioning specialist. Expanding on some of his most famous work, John discusses his critiques on periodization.   Please enjoy […]
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Professor Samuele Marcora Discusses His Findings on Mental Fatigue Research and Its Application to Training

  • On September 6, 2016
In Complementary Training’s latest podcast, Mladen Jovanic invites Professor Samuele Marcora from the University of Kent to discuss some different models of performance / fatigue and the difference between effort and the sense of exhaustion. Samuele is currently investigating the role of the brain in endurance performance, fatigue and physical activity. In this podcast Samuele […]
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Smartabase New Connectors & Desktop Uploader

  • On August 25, 2016
Want to connect some of your favorite tools and devices to SMARTABASE? Now you can! Simply choose one of our new connectors or uploaders and create automated link capability to your current workflows and forms.   What’s the Difference? Connectors are actual connections between SMARTABASE and 3rd party vendor software, while our desktop uploader takes exports from 3rd party software and […]
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Training Load Athlete Data Management and Analytics

  • On July 19, 2016
Do we have a consensus agreement on how to measure training load? The short answer is NO, and most likely we never will. Sport Science is an art with simple data to correlate; there are no fixed answers. That’s why you’ve got a job. You can combine ‘x’ amount of variables by athlete, group of […]
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David Watts Talks About Athlete Data Management and Sport Technology Integration

  • On June 22, 2016
David Watts shared his view on athlete fundamentals, movement screening, velocity training, athlete data management and sport technology integration. Below are some of the highlights from Watt’s presentation. Movement screening needs validity and inter / intra-tester reliability Consistency is key Movement screening does not prevent injury Maintaining coaches creativity is paramount Are you time poor? […]
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Introduction to Spotfire, SMARTABASE User Conference UK

  • On April 27, 2016
Please meet Peter Kyffin (@PeterKyffin) Smartabase Project Manager. In this video, Peter will show a report that contains an exploratory data analyses process on some historical NFL draft combine data. It shows a guided analytics report that explores various ways in which we can analyse combine data, in combination with the actual draft results, to try and understand...
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Balancing the Needs of Users and Your Organisation in Athlete Data Management

  • On April 8, 2016
In today’s current market, many businesses perceive value creation as an integral and focal part of their business. This is often referred to as Value Centered Design. Due to differences in goals and context, this desired value and the perceptions surrounding it, often vary between the business (e.g. a football club) and the consumer (e.g. the athlete […]
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