Science of football: Are players too tired to excel |

  • On May 11, 2018
Is fatigue an excuse for non-performance or a legitimate concern for players? Fatigue and recovery. Two words heard quite often in the world of football. But are these just words used to provide an excuse after a bad game or is there more to this? It’s been said that that footballers don’t work as hard […]
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Australia Endures ‘epidemic’ of Preventable ACL Injuries |

  • On May 3, 2018
Anterior cruciate ligament injuries, more commonly known as ACL injuries, are a devastatingly common injury among athletes in the high performance sector. New research out of Latrobe University in Melbourne has discovered that Australia has the highest rates of ACL reconstructions in the world. It is not only elite athletes that are suffering from ACL […]
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Clinical risk: How to determine the clinical utility of pre-conceived injury risk factors

  • On March 9, 2017
  • analysis, analysis, calculation, calculation, chronic, chronic, clinical, clinical, injury, injury, probability, probability, ratio, ratio, risk, risk, utility, utility, workload, workload
HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THE CLINICAL UTILITY OF YOUR RISK FACTORS? An abundance of research has investigated injury risk factors in elite settings. To date, most of the literature has looked at the relative risk/risk ratio/odds ratio compared to a pre-defined reference group. However, the clinical utility of these pre-conceived risk factors is not often considered […]
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