Mark your calendars for our Human Performance Summit

by Fusion Sport
 | 23rd May, 2018

Fusion Sport are proud to announce the launch of its Human Performance Summit that will be held around the globe in 2018. The event, for the Asia-Pacific region, will be at the Rugby Australia Development Centre in Sydney on July 26 and 27, 2018. The Sydney summit will feature world-leading human performance experts from professional teams, sporting institutes and tactical organisations. Later in the year we will also be holding the summit in North America and Europe and we'll announce those dates soon.

We've designed this summit to provide a forum for industry professionals. If you work with human performance data on a daily basis and you want to gain meaningful outcomes, this is for you. If you have an interest in sports analytics or you're a user of our SMARTABASE Human Performance Platform, this is also a great opportunity for you.
The summit in Sydney will cover:

• Turning data into meaningful outcomes with effective data visualisations
• Case studies of successful automation in human performance organisations
• Using statistics to overcome challenges in an elite sporting environment
• Integrating and analysing data to its full potential

Tickets will go on sale soon. To learn more and register your interest visit