Mike Boyle Shares His Views on Athlete Fundamentals and Discusses How He Individualizes His Training Programs

by Fusion Sport
 | 6th July, 2016

In Complementary Training’s latest podcast, Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Boyle joins Mladen Jovanovic to discuss his training programs and addresses some of the critique about his ‘cookie cutter’ approach.

Below are some of the highlights from Boyle’s discussion.

• Mike Boyle’s controversial approach to ‘functional’ training.
• Mike addresses the critique of his ‘cookie cutter’ program and shares his approach to individualized training.
• Mike expands on the differences between working with off-season athletes in personal facilities vs. working with sporting clubs.
• Mike Boyle suggests readings and resources for Strength and Conditioning coaches.

Please enjoy the fourth episode of Complementary Training @Physical_Prep

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