S3 Episode 3 | Smart Speed and Power Training with Mike Young

by Fusion Sport
 | 22nd November, 2018

S3 Episode 3 | NFL Combine 40 Yard Dash Starts

In this episode, Coach Young takes us through a number of drills designed to help your athletes perfect and execute the start and first few steps of the 40 yard dash.

The drills covered in this week’s session will train your athlete to generate more explosive power at the start of the test, that will translate into a successful 40 yard dash.

Specifically, we’re looking at:

•The Wall Drill
•Wall Drill Variation – Body Angle Progressions
•Jump Clearance Drill
•Staggered Start Position
•The Switch Start
•Resisted Runs

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Don’t forget to tune in next Wednesday to watch episode 4 of Smart Speed and Power Training with Mike Young as we continue to look at NFL combine drills.

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