S3 Episode 4 | Smart Speed and Power Training with Mike Young

by Fusion Sport
 | 29th November, 2018

S3 Episode 4 | NFL Combine 40 Yard Dash Finishes

In this episode, Coach Young takes us through the final stage of the 40 yard dash, looking at drills that focus on an athlete’s transition to an upright posture and what they will need to do to top out in max velocity sprinting.

The drills covered in this week’s session are simple sprint drills, however it is absolutely critical that the athlete is achieving the appropriate posture and leg positions to ensure they are effective. Throughout the episode Mike Young takes us through exactly what we should look for in each drill.

Specifically, we’re looking at are:

•Ankling Sprint Drill
•A March Sprint Drill
•A Skip Sprint Drill
•A Run/ High Knee Run
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Don’t forget to tune in next week to watch episode 5 of Smart Speed and Power Training with Mike Young as we continue to look at NFL combine drills.
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