The Great Pivot: Learnings in Health & Human Performance from 2020

by Fusion Sport
 | 19th December, 2020

2020 has been a tough, far from normal year. For the Fusion Sport team the sudden emphasis on health and added reliance on remote technology put us in a unique position to assist, helping our clients pivot and adapt their high performance programs through Smartabase.

In this presentation for the Sports Tech World Series Conference, Fusion Sport’s James Grigson and Senior Sport Scientist Dr Marcus Colby discuss ‘The Great Pivot‘ of 2020, sharing our key high performance learnings from a far from normal year.

  • Remote Training and Communication
  • Injury Risk and Maximising Availability
  • COVID-19, Illness Screening/Tracking and Wearable Tech
  • Improving Efficiencies with Automation
  • What’s next in 2021?

Gain insight into the strategies and solutions we’ve implemented with our clients around the globe, including illness screening, remote training and managing a ‘stop-start’ season plagued by unknowns.

Case studies referenced include the NBA ‘bubble’, the LA Lakers (NBA), the GWS Giants (AFL), Queensland Rugby League and more.

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Contact our team now for more information on using Smartabase for Remote Training, Injury Surveillance & Prevention, COVID-19 & Illness Screening, Data Aggregation, Visualization and more.