Using Data to Improve Athletic Performance

by Fusion Sport
 | 15th May, 2019

Late in 2018 Fusion Sport attended and sponsored the Sports Biometrics Conference in San Francisco, bringing together experts from all over the world to discuss the latest developments in sports technology, data analytics and sports biometrics.

Fusion Sport Smartabase client and keynote speaker at the conference Dr. Josh Hagen M.S., Ph.D presented Using data to Improve Athletic Performance. Josh is currently Director of the Human Performance Innovation Center, Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute at West Virginia University leading a multidisciplinary team.

One of his key projects is focused on optimizing the performance of military, athletics, and clinical patient populations, using the Fusion Sport Smartabase platform to aggregate data. Josh’s presentation gives a fantastic insight into this cutting edge research in human performance and sport biometrics, and how we can best utilize data to improve athlete performance.

Those who were at the conference may recall Josh was not able to finish his presentation, but has kindly recorded the end to provide a complete presentation you can view below.

For more information from Josh on his research and findings, you can contact us now or reach out to him directly. For more information on the Smartabase platform for data analytics and performance optimization, click here.