‘Developing The Young Athlete’ Geelong Grammar School | Innovate by Fusion Sport

  • On septembre 19, 2018
Our professional development event in Melbourne with AFL Academies High Performance and Medical staff was a great opportunity to network with professionals that share our passion for driving human performance. With so many of our clients doing great things in the world of sport science, Head of Strength and Conditioning for Geelong Grammar School Thomas […]
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Raising the barre: how science is saving ballet dancers

  • On août 1, 2018
Could new science and high-tech training protect dancers from the injuries that end so many of their careers far too early? At the Royal Opera House in London, home of the Royal Ballet, art is fusing with science to revolutionise the way dancers prepare. In the glass-panelled healthcare suite, ballerinas are standing on high-tech force platforms which […]
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University of Oregon’s One-Stop-Shop for Athlete Data

  • On juillet 20, 2018
Earlier this year at the 2018 MIT Sloan Sports and Analytics Conference, Andrew Murray, Director of Performance and Sports Science from the University of Oregon, shared in a number of sessions presenting on how the University aggregate information and data streams from numerous technologies and other sources to make better informed decisions on athlete health, well-being […]
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Matildas Reaping the Benefits of SMARTABASE | TheWomensGame.com

  • On juillet 10, 2018
For an athlete, monitoring workload consistently and accurately can have a meaningful impact on performance and injury reduction. Australian Matildas and Melbourne Victory goalkeeper Casey Dumont believes that Smartabase has played a big role in aiding manage her workload. Early in Dumont’s career she suffered a lacerated liver, bouts of osteitis pubis and a ruptured […]
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UK University Sports and Athlete Data Management

  • On juin 12, 2018
The UK universities sports environment is a stage for thousands of talented sportsmen and women to perform at the national level by representing their universities and progressing into senior international and elite-level sports at the World University Games and Championships. Every year, over 5,000 teams undergo rigorous training and preparation before taking part in 120 […]
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Australia Endures ‘epidemic’ of Preventable ACL Injuries | BrisbaneTimes.com

  • On mai 3, 2018
Anterior cruciate ligament injuries, more commonly known as ACL injuries, are a devastatingly common injury among athletes in the high performance sector. New research out of Latrobe University in Melbourne has discovered that Australia has the highest rates of ACL reconstructions in the world. It is not only elite athletes that are suffering from ACL […]
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An Overview of Special Ops Prep Courses and Pre-Selection Programs | Military.com

  • On avril 27, 2018
A well-trained special operator is at the core of all successful missions in all branches of service. Becoming a special operator requires a rigorous screening process. However, each branch of service have their own preparation courses to give applicants who apply themselves, a better chance of succeeding. Special ops attrition rates are above 50-75% and […]
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