Fusion Sport and MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference kick off new major sponsorship

  • On janvier 17, 2018
Fusion Sport is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the 2018 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, to be held February 23 and 24 in Boston.  The team at Fusion Sport are extremely excited to be part of such a world-class event and to help lead the way on data analytics technology in the sporting arena.  Presented by ESPN, the two-day event will highlight the impacts of […]
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Christmas Special: Release Enhancements!

  • On décembre 19, 2017
Wet signature to PDF: The ability to sign using an electronic signature was recently added to SMARTABASE on the main application and support for it on mobile has just been released. In the upcoming release, when you generate a PDF from an entry, the actual signature will appear in the PDF. Currently it displays « signed », […]
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Christmas Special: New Data Audit Tool!

  • On décembre 18, 2017
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Human performance data is often riddled with missing values, data entry error (large outliers), inconsistent recording frequencies and duplicate records. These features can make analysis of your data very difficult. Missing values and duplicate records can introduce bias (leading the practitioner to draw incorrect inferences), data entry errors (or large outliers) can negatively impact statistics […]
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Smartabase New Connectors & Desktop Uploader

  • On août 25, 2016
Want to connect some of your favorite tools and devices to SMARTABASE? Now you can! Simply choose one of our new connectors or uploaders and create automated link capability to your current workflows and forms.   What’s the Difference? Connectors are actual connections between SMARTABASE and 3rd party vendor software, while our desktop uploader takes exports from 3rd party software and […]
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Using Basic SMARTABASE Tools to Increase Athlete Data Entry Compliance

  • On avril 27, 2016
SMARTABASE contains a number fo really useful tools for montiroing athlete compliance to data entry, and providing rewards to athletes for good compliance. Here are a few ideas you can implement quickly and easily, but if you have any questions please contact your Fusion Sport SMARTABASE team representative.   How to count number of records […]
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