Using Vertical Jump Data to Guide Your CrossFit Training

  • On janvier 5, 2017
What is Peak Power Output? Peak Power Output (PPO) is the measure of an athlete’s absolute power that is obtained by factoring in the vertical jump (measured in centimeters) and body weight (measured in kilograms).In CrossFit, athletes need to have the ability to control and decelerate their body weight while performing a functional movement like […]
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Why A CrossFit Athlete Should Track Reactive Strength

  • On décembre 2, 2016
What is Reactive Strength Index? Reactive Strength Index (RSI) is a ratio between the height (or flight time) an athlete jumps and the speed in which the athlete jumps. RSI is calculated by dividing the height jumped (centimeters) by the ground contact time (milliseconds). If an athlete jumped 36cm with a contact time of 180ms […]
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Utilizing Technology in CrossFit

  • On novembre 14, 2016
In our previous blog, we discussed how Fusion Sport’s Smartjump system can help CrossFit athletes to safely perform plyometric training. By focusing on maintaining a ground contact time of below 200ms, an athlete can ensure that they are staying within the safe plyometric zone. This video provides an example of how Smartjump can be used […]
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Critical Things You Need to Know About Timing System Accuracy

  • On juillet 27, 2016
Accuracy and reliability of timing is critical. An athlete can train for a whole season to improve 0.1 of a second. The question is, can your measurement tools/methods accurately track this change in performance and lead you to the right conclusions? Unfortunately the answer is often no. If your timing is not reliable, there is […]
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Jesse Green and Nick Murray Share Their Experiences at Brisbane Lions Football Club

  • On juillet 21, 2016
In Complementary Training’s latest podcast, Mladen Jovanic invites Physical Performance and Sport Science PhD students Jesse Green and Nick Murray to discuss their experiences at Brisbane Lions Football Club. Green and Murray share some of their recommendations for students and graduates for landing a job in the industry to start their career in high performance […]
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Mike Boyle Shares His Views on Athlete Fundamentals and Discusses How He Individualizes His Training Programs

  • On juillet 6, 2016
In Complementary Training’s latest podcast, Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Boyle joins Mladen Jovanovic to discuss his training programs and addresses some of the critique about his ‘cookie cutter’ approach.   Below are some of the highlights from Boyle’s discussion. Mike Boyle’s controversial approach to ‘functional’ training. Mike addresses the critique of his ‘cookie cutter’ […]
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What You Should Know About Safe And Effective Plyometric Jump Training

  • On avril 27, 2016
Plyometric jump training is one of the most effective methods for developing speed and power in many sports. But how do you know if your jump training is effective and safe for your athletes? In Part 1 of this 2 part series we will discuss why plyometric training is a great way to improve the […]
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Speed for Sport – SMARTSPEED

  • On avril 27, 2016
Unlocking the True Secrets of Game Specific Speed Being fast on the field, court or ice during a game is not simply a matter of being fast over a 40 yard sprint or pro agility test. While having these fundamental aspects of speed is certainly an advantage, we often see great players who seem fast […]
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5 Great Tips for Motivating Athletes in High Intensity Training (HIT)

  • On avril 27, 2016
The great thing about our job is that we get to work alongside many of the best coaches in the world. Whilst many coaches have their own unique methods for optimising their athletes, they all agree on one thing – maximising athlete motivation leads to the greatest improvements. Maximising athlete motivation is not simply about […]
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