Human Performance Platform for the Military

To be truly BATTLE READY you need the whole picture

Monitor physical fitness in the Military

Physical Fitness

Track all aspects of your physical program –
strength, endurance and agility.

Mental resilience in the Military

Mental Resilience

Monitor the ability to control anxiety and stress as well as an operator’s readiness and adaptability.

Tactical Performance

Tactical Performance

Tactical performance is paramount. Optimise ALL data so operators are always READY for duty.

Advancing proactive performance management with SMARTABASE

Optimize your greatest asset, your Human Weapons System, with SMARTABASE.

The Smartabase Human Performance Platform for Military allows for smart autonomous monitoring, customized to capture all aspects of your operator’s program in one place.

Trusted by military agencies around the world for secure tactical athlete data management, Smartabase ensures your data is secure, yet accessible, providing real time information for those who need it.

Track progress, improve performance, reduce injury and manage readiness by integrating all your data into one customizable platform.

We'll help you be BATTLE READY

With over 120 years of combined experience in elite human performance

Military and police who use SMARTABASE and

United States Military

US Air Force Research Labs
D711th Force Research Lab
Naval Health Research Center
United States Army Fort Bragg
United States Military Academy West Point

Australian Defence & Police

Australian Defence
Royal Australian Air Force
NSW Police Force
Australian Federal Police

International Military & Police

38th Rescue Squadron