Human Performance Platform for the Performing Arts

Effective Medical Profiling, Load Monitoring and Injury Surveillance

SMARTABASE is an industry leader in elite sports and also allows performance companies to manage their sport science and sports medicine activities better.

 Medical profiling

 Strength and conditioning

 Dietary/Nutritional analysis

 Load monitoring and injury surveillance

Human Performance Platform for Performing Arts - Scheduling

 Streamline Performer Scheduling

Scheduling of rehearsals, health and wellness appointments plus alerts for performer conflicts. All this at the performers fingertips with the SMARTABASE mobile app.

Take it to the next level with in-depth monitoring of performers schedules and the impact of time in rehearsal and performance.

We'll help your performers be READY

SMARTABASE Human Performance Platform for Performing Arts can help optimise the treatment and rehab of musculoskeletal injuries in ballet. Speak to one of our elite human performance experts today

SMARTABASE is used by one of the world’s great ballet companies, The Royal Ballet.