MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

In February 2018 Fusion Sport and Partners were guest presenters at the
MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Check out all the presentations below.

Competitive Advantage – The Australian Institute of Sport Innovation Journey

Presented by Todd Ryall, Manager, Innovation, Research and Development, Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) & Ian Morrow, Systems Architect, Innovation Research and Development, Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

Implementing a nation-wide data management and analytics platform for injury prevention and performance optimization. With a user base of over 15,000 including athletes, medical staff, coaches, sport scientists, data analysts, high performance managers, and dieticians, the AIS have developed a truly centralized national system, with multiple organizations and locations now collaborating through one unified platform.

Centralizing Data Analysis and Automated Reports

Presented by Andrew Murray, Director of Performance and Sport Science, University of Oregon

Andrew Murray expanded on the university’s experience centralizing data at the university and shared how they collate, analyze and provide automated reports to 15 sports through the use of SMARTABASE and PowerBI.

Combat 24/7 Fitness System: Genesis, Status, and the Future 

Presented by Dr. Adam Strang, Human Performance Research Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory, 711th Human Performance Wing

Dr. Strang explores the AFRL and Air Force’s need to stay at the forefront of Human Performance and their work at the STRONG (Signature Tracking for Optimized Nutrition and Training) lab.

Implementing SMARTABASE at Ohio State University 

Presented by Nick Domicone, Air Force Research Laboratory

The Air Force Research Lab works on performance enhancement and decreasing injury risk for operators. It is often hard to test operators in the military, so they started to work with universities including Ohio State University. Nick takes the audience through what they have been doing with the university.


Utilizing GPS Integration with Training Load Dashboards 

Presented by Eliza Keaney, Performance Analyst, Geelong Cats Professional Australian Rules Football Club 

Professional Australian Rules Football team, the Geelong Cats showcased their training load dashboards in SMARTABASE and how the implementation of their athlete management system has saved countless hours on admin.

WORKSHOP: Using D3 Analytics to Visualize Sports Data for Coaching Insights 

Presented by Dr. Markus Deutsch, Dr. Marcus Colby & Tom Crameri, Fusion Sport 

This workshop covered:   

  • What is D3? An overview of this powerful data driven visualization tool. 
  • Methods for implementing D3 in a sports coaching environment.  
  • How to code your own D3 dashboards without being a programmer.