Seamlessly Integrated Analytics Solutions

With SMARTABASE in place and delivering effective centralized data management, SMARTABASE ANALYTICS provides fully integrated access to the world’s leading data analytics platform, Tibco SPOTFIRE, combined with the know-how of how to really use it.

Explore and Discover

Customization data visualization brings your data to life. Choose from an extensive library of enhanced, interactive visualization options to help you to explore and present your data like never before. Provide athletes, coaches and management with clear and concise presentations of data which are tangible and usable instantly.


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Powerful Analysis and Modelling

Effective injury prevention could save your organization millions, and keep your athletes on the field as you march towards the championship. Discovering the key factors in optimal performance could be the ultimate keys to success. By offering an integrated approach to data collection, analysis and modelling, we will guide you through the journey of asking the right questions, building and deploying the right models, and effectively pursuing the answers to these vital questions.

Injury Prevention

Discover the causes of injury and ensure your athlete are ready to play.

Load Monitoring

Combine load factors for the complete picture of your athletes.

Talent Identification and Scouting

Identify the critical factors to successful drafting.

Performance Analysis and Prediction

Plan your attack based on data-driven metrics.

Your Data, Your Journey

Some of our competitors will claim that they have already developed injury and performance prediction models which will work for you “out of the box”. Unfortunately this is not the case. Your models must be based on YOUR data – specific to your sport, your environment, and even your training methods. Leveraging our experience and understanding of athlete assessment, monitoring and sports performance analysis, we will ensure your models are right for you, and give you accurate indicators for enhanced decision making on an ongoing basis.

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