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Turn data into meaningful outcomes

Effective data visualization brings your data to life and makes it quick and easy to uncover answers. Choose from an extensive library of enhanced, interactive visualization options to help you to explore and present your data like never before. Provide athletes, coaches and management with clear and concise presentations of data which are tangible and usable instantly.

Connected and Integrated Open Philosophy

Whilst SMARTABASE will provide you with a truly central hub for all of your athlete data, we also realise the benefits and familiarity of other tools for specific purposes to our customers. In addition to our powerful API, we have developed an optional data warehouse/ODBC upgrade which seamlessly connects your SMARTABASE site directly to your other IT systems, and to other BI tools such as Tableau, QlikView, Power BI and SAS.

Easy to use drag and drop dashboard builder, no coding experience necessary

We’ve integrated with the world’s leading data visualisation technology, D3 to create a drag and drop visualisation builder.  Users can create customized interactive dashboards without having to be a programmer, using a simple and intuitive wizard. Choose from a range of drag and drop widgets pulling data from anywhere in your SMARTABASE site, and customise to suit the culture and priorities of your organization.

Your data, your journey

There is no such thing as ‘out of the box’ injury and performance prediction models.  Your models should be based on YOUR data – specific to your sport, your environment, and even your training methods. Leveraging our experience and understanding of athlete assessment, monitoring and sports performance analysis, we will ensure your models are right for you, and give you accurate indicators for enhanced decision making on an ongoing basis.

Injury Risk Profiling

We can help you develop a flexible multi-dimensional model for injury risk profiling. Explore your retrospective injury trends for pre-conceived risk factors and gain a shared understanding of the factors to control in order to minimise injury risk.

Load Monitoring

Get the complete picture of your athletes. We can help you take an integrated approach when capturing and analysing training load. The ability to make meaningful inferences on the efficacy of the training processes for athletes and coaches is critical.

Data Auditing

Quality data is crucial to good analytics.  Missing values, large outliers, inconsistent recording and duplicate records can hinder your efforts. We can help with regular reports on the quality of your data and help you improve collection practices.

Mastering Sport Data

Learn beginner analytics, visualisation best practise, and data wrangling techniques. In addition to SMARTABASE we integrate Power BI and R into our training with relevant examples from the sports industry.

Need help with data analytics?

Wherever you and your organization are on the analytics journey, our experienced team is here to help. We provide the tools and the knowledge to deliver valuable information for practical, actionable use.