Integrate Bridge Athletic with your Smartabase Human Performance Platform

With several shared clients across college sport, olympic teams, elite training organizations and the military, Fusion Sport and Bridge Athletic have developed an API to enable data to be shared from the Bridge Athletic platform directly into Smartabase.

The Bridge Athletic platform enables coaches and trainers to utilize a built-in movement library or create and track their own custom exercises to quickly build dynamic programs with smart weight assignments and saved templates for their athletes.

The Smartabase Human Performance Platform is a data analytics hub, enabling organizations to aggregate all their data into one platform for a deeper insight into athlete performance and readiness to perform.

"Integrating with Smartabase allows our performance coaches to visualize their S&C data alongside other performance indicators, creating a cross-disciplinary view of the athlete’s overall health, readiness and recovery."

- Maia Monell, Bridge Athletic

What does the Bridge Athletic x Smartabase Integration look like

Those with both a Smartabase site and a Bridge Athletic account can sync the two platforms to allow head coaches and strength coaches to include their S&C data in their overall athlete view.

Within Smartabase you can look at reps, sets tonnage and results for individual athletes as a base review of the data. For a deeper analysis, you can also combine this data with various other health and wellness information and data points to gain more meaningful insights into readiness to perform.

In the below example we’ve incorporated Bridge Athletic metrics into a Physical Testing and Screening dashboard to get a more holistic view of load, screening and testing.

How to Integrate your Bridge Athletic and Smartabase Platforms

If you have both the Bridge Athletic platform and a Smartabase site and you would like to find out more about integrating your data, please contact your lead builder.

You can find further information on the Bridge Athletic platform on their website here.

For more information on the Smartabase Human Performance platform click here.