Integrate Fatigue Science with your Smartabase Human Performance Platform

Fatigue Science combines wearable tech with biomathematical science from the US Army Research Lab to offer insight into sleep and fatigue. The Fatigue Science wearable readiband collects information on sleep to provide information on the quality and quantity of your sleep to provide individuals and organizations with information on fatigue, effectiveness and readiness to perform.

Combined with a user friendly app Fatigue Science is enabling organizations to recognize fatigue to reduce risk and maximize performance.

"Our Smartabase API-integration drives tremendous value for our mutual teams and military groups as it allows them to combine sleep and fatigue information with other performance KPI's they are collecting in order to get a better overall sense of their athlete and operator health and readiness. The visualizations and reporting allow performance and medical staff to have truly actionable insights across a large group, in a centralized location, with seamless data acquisition from the Fatigue Science Readiband platform."

- Jeff Zeilstra, Fatigue Science

What does the Fatigue Science x Smartabase integration look like

Integrate your Fatigue Science platform with your Smartabase Human Performance Platform through an API to automatically pull sleep and fatigue data into your Smartabase site.

Within smartabase this data can be combined with the various other performance metrics being measured for a more holistic view of readiness to perform. This information can then be utilized by high performance staff to assist in decision making that could reduce risk and optimize performance.

Speak to one or our Sport Scientists about how you can get the most out of your data.