Integrate Oura with your Smartabase Human Performance Platform

The Oura ring tracks key signals from your body while you sleep, delivering daily insights into the quantity and quality of your sleep. As sleep is critical to recovery it is a cornerstone of driving performance and health. Gathering accurate sleep information will be important for both individuals and organizations to understand an athlete or operators readiness to perform.

What does the Oura Ring x Smartabase integration look like

Aggregate your Oura Ring data into your Smartabase Human Performance Platform through an API to automatically pull sleep and readiness data into your Smartabase site.

Within smartabase this data can be combined with the various other performance metrics being measured for a more holistic view of readiness to perform. This information can then be utilized by high performance staff to assist in decision making that could reduce risk and optimize performance.

OURA are giving their users the opportunity to contribute to a study with UCSF and 2,000 frontline healthcare professionals. The study will explore whether the COVID-19 virus can be detected early with assistance from Oura Ring data.

For existing Oura users, it’s a relatively low-lift way to contribute to the global effort to combat the pandemic – without even leaving the house.