Integrate TrainHeroic with your Smartabase Human Performance Platform

TrainHeroic is a user friendly strength and conditioning training platform enabling coaches to design and plan training programs for their athletes that can be accessed on or offline. Athletes can then log into their app to review training programs, log their training and together monitor progress without needing to be face to face.

You can sync your TrainHeroic platform with your Smartabase Human Performance Platform through an API, automatically pulling that data into your Smartabase site to use in conjunction with the various other performance metrics you’re measuring in customized dashboards.

This will give your strength coaches a more holistic view of athlete performance and readiness to perform, and the ability to translate their S&C data into meaningful outcomes.

"TrainHeroic proudly integrates with Smartabase to marry best in breed high performance solutions. The pairing enables shared clients to combine in-depth wellness information with training load and stress data to gain a holistic view of athlete readiness. Together, TrainHeroic and Smartabase power the most demanding performance professionals, from the NBA and Olympics to Special Operations."

- Ben Crookston, TrainHeroic

What does a TrainHeroic x Smartabase Integration look like?

Those with both a Smartabase site and a TrainHeroic account can sync the two platforms to allow head coaches and strength coaches to include their S&C data in their overall athlete view.

Within Smartabase you can look at reps, average tonnage and monitor training stress and load for individual athletes as a base review of the data. For a deeper analysis, you can also combine this data with various other health and wellness information to gain more meaningful insights into readiness to perform.

In the below example we’ve created a dashboard to display basic training data from TrainHeroic but also incorporated metrics for sleep quality and soreness to give coaches a more detailed snapshot of athlete readiness.

The example was customized using the drag and drop dashboard builder tool. Find more information on the DBB here.

How to Integrate your TrainHeroic and Smartabase Platforms

If you have both the TrainHeroic platform and a Smartabase site and you would like to find out more about integrating your data, please contact your lead builder.

You can find further information on the TrainHeroic platform on their website here.

For more information on the Smartabase Human Performance platform click here.