Integrate the VALD Performance human measurement systems with your Smartabase Human Performance Platform

With several shared clients across professional sport, college sport, national teams, elite training organizations, as well as military and defence, Fusion Sport have released an integration to enable the data collected by VALD Performance systems to be aggregated into the Smartabase platform for analysis.

VALD Performance develop human measurement systems for screening, monitoring, rehabilitating and training athletes, in particular the NordBord, ForceDecks and ForceFrame.

The data from these systems can now be viewed in the Smartabase Human Performance Platform, enabling shared clients to review tests alongside other data points to gain a deeper insight into athlete performance and readiness to perform.

"Vald Performance’s mission is to improve human measurement. We do so by humanising technologies, making them accessible to the world’s best practitioners and helping them objectify their decisions. With more objective decision-making, we aim to help make the world’s best become better."

- Vald Performance

What does the VALD Performance x Smartabase Integration look like

Those who use Smartabase and VALD Performance products can centralize testing and training data from VALD products into the Smartabase system.

Within Smartabase you can now review max strength, limb asymmetries and other performance, rehabilitation and return to play metrics captured from VALD systems. For a deeper analysis, then combine this data with various other health and wellness information and previously captured data points to gain more meaningful insights into readiness to perform.

In the below example we’ve looked at metrics from the NordBord Hamstring Testing System, measuring hamstring strength and imbalance during the Nordic Hamstring Exercise. This data can now be accessed in Smartabase, ready to be visualized and reviewed.

How to Integrate your VALD Performance Data and Smartabase Platform

If you are a current VALD Performance client and you would like to find out more about aggregating your data in Smartabase, please contact us now.

You can find further information on Vald Performance and their products on their website.

For more information on the Smartabase Human Performance platform click here.