Integrate Zebra with your Smartabase Human Performance Platform

With several shared clients particularly across College Football and the NFL Fusion Sport and Zebra have developed an API enabling Zebra tracking data to be shared directly into Smartabase.

Zebra are currently the official partner of the NFL to deliver tracking during games using an RFID tracking system that involves seamlessly embedding tags into player’s shoulder pads. The RFID technology collects key metrics on player movement, speed, distance and acceleration.

The Smartabase Human Performance Platform is a data analytics hub, enabling organizations to aggregate all their data into one platform. Smartabase enables teams to combine their various data points into more concise visual dashboard reports for deeper insight into athlete performance and readiness to perform.

Through the new direct API mutual football clients such as the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and Ohio State University can implement more efficient processes, as they are able to automate the data collection as well as analytics and reporting workflows through Smartabase.

What does the Zebra x Smartabase Integration look like

The Zebra RFID technology collects key metrics on player movement, speed, distance and acceleration.

This data is automatically pulled from Zebra into Smartabase where it can be combined with other metrics to support further analysis for player performance and health optimization.

As an example, teams can easily combine the data collected from the Zebra RFID technology with other data points in Smartabase to assist in simulating game demands during training, increase tactical analysis, and help with their return to play model.

Another metric evaluated is player load, a common marker to flag over or under training. This metric can be easily visualized in the Smartabase platform and provide key insights into player readiness and availability for performance staff and coaches.

Other common performance indicators reported in Smartabase include RPE (rate of perceived exertion), daily wellness, mental health, injury risk management, exertion, dehydration and fatigue.

A Smartabase dashboard shows player cards, each with a summary and overview of movement and tracking information as pulled in from Zebra technology.

This Smartabase dashboard combines various data points including metrics from Zebra tracking into one ‘Squad Overview’ to quickly inform coaches on key points like how many players are available, if there have been any spikes in workload, dehydration or lack of sleep.

How to Integrate your Zebra and Smartabase Platforms

If you are currently using Zebra RFID technology and have a Smartabase site, please contact your lead builder to find out more about integrating your data.

You can find further information on the Zebra tracking technology on their website here.

For more information on the Smartabase Human Performance platform click here.