COVID-19 and Illness Surveillance System

Smartabase can be configured as a COVID-19 or illness surveillance platform and is well placed to easily handle the demands of wide scale illness surveillance. Smartabase is currently used by the military, elite sport and workplaces across the globe as part of their COVID mitigation strategies.

Symptom tracking      Compliance monitoring      Connect biometric devices for early detection

Reduce your liability and get your teams performing safely again
  • The Smartabase App (ios, Android) enables your athletes, employees or operators to self-report on symptoms, and can be customized for your organization.
  • Daily wellness questionnaires can be configured to your needs, or simply use our best practice COVID-19 reporting template.
  • Ensure accurate reporting on health with direct Bluetooth thermometer and Pulse Oximeter integrations.
  • Provide instant recommendations based on response and links to relevant government information such as the CDC or WHO.
  • Any reported symptoms or combination of symptoms can set off an automated alert to staff, ensuring a timely response.
  • Visualize all your information in automated, interactive dashboard reports such as compliance reports, who has or has not been tested that day, vaccination status and more.
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