Qualitative & quantitative feedback made easy

SMARTCAPTURE NEXT is Fusion’s latest innovation in automated video recording for SMARTSPEED PRO or LITE system versions. With each run, your device will automatically record a video clip, trimmed to the start and stop of the run. Then, when your session is finished, you can embed overlays on the videos and download. Automated video collection has never been so easy.

Ideal for coaching, combine testing, rehabilitation or a host of other uses, SMARTCAPTURE NEXT makes daily video recording a reality without the hours of editing afterwards.

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Automated video collection has never been so easy

  • Compatible with SMARTSPEED PRO and SMARTSPEED LITE systems
  • Automatic start/stop recording with an adjustable pre-roll period
  • Automatically add overlays of player name, drill name and results directly onto the clip
  • Landscape or portrait mode recording and playback
  • Adjustable video quality to maximize storage space
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod lightning connector models

Wide Range of Valuable Yet Simple Applications

SMARTCAPTURE NEXT is not just great for fitness testing and training. Think of all the places where you would like to use video in your coaching and research. Here are a few examples:

Technique Video Analysis

Set up a station at training to automatically record free-throws, kicking conversions or even a golf swing.

Weights Room Video Analysis

Use SMARTCAPTURE to record videos of lifts in the gymnasium. Athletes can swipe in with SMARTSCAN, perform their set, and walk off.

Functional movement screening

Capture video records of your movement screening completely automatically.

What's in the Box

  • 1x Grabba Q-series ZigBee enabled sleeve
  • Adapter trays for iPhone 5, 6 and 6+ and iPod 5th generation devices
  • 1x Fusion Sport alloy tripod
  • 1x 360 degree ball joint tripod mount and cradle
  • 1x 5V charge cable
  • 1x EVA protective PDA case
  • Free SMARTCAPTURE NEXT mobile app (available on the App Store)

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