Training for Quality, not Quantity

Learning correct technique is simple and fast. Within two to three sets your athletes will be doing any plyometric exercise exactly as they should be. Objective measures and feedback so you can use jump training safely yet effectively.

Objective Real-time Biofeedback

Programmable visual and audio feedback on a range of variables during each jump set. Feedback so immediate that athletes can adjust in mid-air. As soon as the athlete leaves the ground they receive feedback, and can adjust their technique for every landing.

Powerful Monitoring Tool

Tracking contact time and reactive strength index (RSI) is a quick and effective tool for monitoring fatigue and athlete readiness. Simple to use every day, requires no calibration and easy to travel with when your athletes go on the road.

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Simple and Versatile

Use SMARTJUMP for any jumping activities – single jump, multiple jump, or timed protocols such as the Bosco tests are all at your fingertips. Join mats together for multiple landing areas or to measure ground contact and flight times in sprinting applications. Run multiple jump stations concurrently from your phone or tablet device for a competitive training environment, all with real-time feedback.

Optimal Plyometric Training

Can you tell the difference between a good foot contact and a bad one? Safe and effective plyometric training involved targeting highly specific zones for ground contact time and power output. Objectively controlling the quality of plyometric training is almost impossible – unless you have SMARTJUMP. For more information on the key concepts for safe and effective plyometric training, read this blog article.

Comprehensive Analysis

SMARTJUMP measures a lot more than just jump height. A range of variables provide you with a comprehensive analysis of jump performance and its relationship with speed and agility.

Jump Protocol Data

  • Contact time (CT)
  • Flight time (FT)
  • Jump height
  • Reactive strength index
  • Peak Power Output (PPO) (using Sayers (1999) equation)
  • Power: Mass Ratio (W/kg)
  • Leg stiffness
  • FT/CT ratio
  • Net concentric impulse

Real-time Jump Feedback Options

  • Contact time
  • Flight time
  • Jump height

Tapping Test Protocol Data

  • Tap count in sampling period
  • Total flight time
  • Average flight time
  • Total contact time
  • Average contact time
  • Tapping frequency
  • Tapping coefficient

Two System Options to Choose From

As a SMARTSPEED system accessory SMARTJUMP mats can be connected to any SMARTSPEED PRO timing gate unit, or directly connected to your SMARTHUB control unit. SMARTJUMP LITE is our stand-alone jumping system. Both options deliver the same measurement and feedback options. SMARTJUMP mats can be connected to SMARTSPEED LITE timing gate units, but these can only be used for testing purposes and do not provide real-time visual feedback.

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