Fully Automate Your SMARTSPEED & SMARTJUMP Sessions

Coaches don’t want to have to stand around and work computers, they want to coach. SMARTSCAN is an RFID system which adds full automation to all SMARTSPEED and SMARTJUMP systems. Ordered with over 80% of new systems since its 2008 release, once you try SMARTSCAN you will wonder how you ever survived without it.

Each athlete wears a reusable wrist band which identifies them in the SMARTSPEED mobile app, removing the need for the coach to choose which athlete is to run next. When an athlete wants to run a drill, they simply walk up, swipe in with their wrist band, and run when ready.

SMARTSCAN is ideal for daily coaching, research and the teaching environment. For large group testing such as talent identification events and combines, it is quite simply a necessity.

Automation is the key to all successful technologies these days. Why? Because it saves time, and make life easy. Now you can set up your SMARTSPEED or SMARTJUMP system, stand back and your system will do the rest.

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Save Time and Effort

SMARTSCAN can literally halve the time it takes you to conduct testing. You will simply be amazed at how quick and easy it is to collect data. Then combine that with the multi-lane capability of SMARTSPEED PRO or LITE systems and halve that time again.

Ideal for Regular Monitoring

Collecting regular monitoring data in training is easy when it is automated. Simply set up the system in just a few minutes before a training session and forget about it. Athletes can simply walk over and take the test while you run your normal session.

Your Testing Assistant

It doesn’t matter what order your athletes run in, if they join the session late or even if you don’t know their names – SMARTSCAN does it all for you. You are a coach, so focus on coaching. Don’t stand around choosing names and writing down results when SMARTSCAN can do it for you.

Your Events, Your Brand

Add a new element to your combine testing or fan engagements events with your own custom branded SMARTSCAN bands. Available in a wide range of colors with your custom logos. Contact us for more information.

Smartscan Products

SMARTSCAN is made up of three products which can be purchased together or separately in various quantities as required.

Wrist Bands

Each band contains a unique numeric identifier, which is then associated with an athlete name either before or after testing. The same band can be reused for different athletes in different teams, so you only need enough bands for your largest testing group.

Remote RFID Readers

SMARTSCAN readers can be connected to either a SMARTSPEED gate or direct to your SMARTHUB control unit. One reader is required in each lane when performing multiple lane drills. A reader connected to any gate can also be used to perform registration of new athletes.

PC-RFID Reader

Connected to any PC via USB, the PC-RFID reader is used for performing registration of athletes and allocation of RFID bands in on the SMARTSPEED Online cloud platform, to create team lists which then synchronize seamlessly to you SMARTSPEED mobile app.

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