Test More Than Just Running Speed

Sometimes speed involves more than just how quickly an athlete can move from point A to point B. With a wide range of uses, from integrated targets, to ball speed measurement and even instrumenting sprint start blocks for reaction time measures, SMARTSHOXX will add another dimension to your SMARTSPEED PRO or SMARTSPEED LITE system.

SMARTSHOXX connects to any SMARTSPEED PRO or SMARTSPEED LITE unit, and is then attached to a desired object such as a target, starting block or tackle bag. When the SMARTSHOXX sensor detects a vibration or impact over the desired threshold, it records the event with millisecond accuracy.

With configurable sensitivity settings SMARTSHOXX allows you to create a range of reactive drills and test protocols for specific elements of skill and the combination of skills and speed of movement.


Here’s just a few ideas for using SMARTSHOXX in your training and testing

Reaction Time Testing

Test simple or complex reaction time for player monitoring and research applications.

Athletics Start Blocks

Attach SMARTSHOXX to the start block and record reaction time based on the very first movement of the athlete.

Targets in Skill Drills

Attach SMARTSHOXX to rebound boards, nets or any kind of target. Time skill completion for single or multiple players.

Military and Police

Integrate shooting targets into combat simulations or even test bullet speed from rifle to target with 1 millisecond accuracy.

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