All the options you need at the starting line

SMARTSTART further expands your possibilities with a range of functions at the start line in either single or multiple lane modes. Equipped with in-built RFID scanner, PS2 input for start pad or SMARTSHOXX trigger options and all the processing capability of a SMARTSPEED unit, SMARTSTART is a powerful multi-purpose addition to your system to create the testing and training protocols you need. Compatible with SMARTSPEED PRO and LITE system versions only.


SMARTSTART is a wireless standalone unit with the following functionality:

Wireless SMARTSCAN RFID reader

Use one SMARTSTART per lane as a substitute for SMARTSCAN readers. This is especially useful when your start point is away from the first gate, and you do not want a cable connecting the reader to the gate. Use it as a wireless registration station, or to automate video capture using SMARTCAPTURE NEXT.

Integration point for other accessories

If you want to start your test with a hand start pad, jump mat or SMARTSHOXX vibration sensor, you no longer need to use a SMARTSPEED unit. SMARTSTART enables the connection of any Fusion Sport PS2 port accessory, and integrates it into the system.

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