The accuracy of your timing gates is critical in providing your athletes with data they can trust

Timing lights are a commonly used field-testing tool for the measurement of running performance in athletic development and research. While most basic and home-made timing systems claim to have good accuracy, the reliability of their measurements is questionable.

At Fusion Sport, we have adopted an Error Correction Processing algorithm for all SMARTSPEED models to ensure 100% accuracy by eliminating errors caused by hands, feet and other equipment.

This method has been proven by independent research to be superior to other single and dual beam systems, as explored in our free white paper on Timing Accuracy with detailed research, results and references.


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“If you’re running a 40 what matters the most is the split between the 10/20  20/30  30/40 that dictates training loads and where you move forward in terms of your technical work vs your load work and that’s one thing the Smartspeed system does well and that’s why we use it” 

Pete Bommarito

Owner / President of Bommarito Performance Systems