World-class timing and training systems

Official timing gate system of the CFL Combines and used at the NFL Regional Combine, NBA and AFL Combines.

SMARTSPEED LITE has all the testing and integration features of the PRO system, but without the reactive agility training and options, the LITE system is all about testing large groups of athletes quickly and easily. Ideal for: Combines and talent identification, Athletics and other straight timing needs. Contact us for pricing

SMARTSPEED PRO is much more than just a timing gates system, the PRO system will change the way you train on a daily basis. Endless options for reactive training and innovation. Ideal for: Professional teams and academies, Elite training centers and institutes, University research departments. Contact us for pricing

Talent Identification & Combines

SMARTSPEED is the Official Timing System of the CFL combine, and is the the trusted technology utilized at NFL Regional Combines, the NBA Draft Combine, AFL Combine and other athlete evaluation events globally.

Speed, Agility & Reactive Training

Speed in most sports is not simply a matter of how fast you can run in a straight line. SMARTSPEED is designed to analyze and improve sports performances – speed, acceleration, reactivity, power, agility and more.

Plyometric Training

Safe and effective jump training requires a precise combination of ground contact time and power output. SMARTJUMP puts your athletes in the zone and keeps them there with real-time visual feedback during their jump set.

All the tools you need to get started

When you purchase SMARTSPEED you get a access to the mobile app and online portal. Access to both come standard with all devices, free of charge.

SMARTSPEED mobile app is compatible with a wide range of Apple and Android devices, making SMARTSPEED the first cross-platform timing gate system on the market.

SMARTSPEED Online synchronizes seamlessly with your mobile device, completely removing the need for cables and CSV files. SMARTSPEED Online is where you can:

 Create new teams and lists
 Create your own drills
 Download results sessions

Smartspeed App

Powered by SMARTHUB

Wirelessly control your SMARTSPEED PRO or LITE gates with a range of up to 200 metres.

Water and impact resistant for everyday training use
PS2 inputs for connection to SMARTSCAN RFID, SMARTJUMP and other accessories
LED Display for single or dual feedback functions when using SMARTJUMP

The accuracy of your timing gates is critical in providing your athletes with data they can trust

All SMARTSPEED models use our Error Correction Processing algorithm to eliminate errors caused by hands, feet and other equipment, proven by independent research* to be superior to other single and dual beam systems. Errors caused by hands and knees seriously affect the accuracy of your results. Here’s how often you can expect your times to be accurate with various types of timing gates systems.


Uncorrected Single Beam


Dual Beam


SMARTSPEED's Processed Single Beam


*Source: Earp, J.E. & Newton, R.U.  (2012) Advances in electronic timing systems: considerations for selecting an appropriate timing system.
Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 26(5):1245-8.


SMARTSPEED Mobile app for Apple and Android


SMARTSCAN RFID compatibility

Error Correction Processing for greater accuracy


Straight timing (start to finish with splits)

Free timing (splits in any order, such as Illinois Agility tests and other planned agility tests)

Multiple Lanes on one control unit (all drills)

Programmable Repeated Speed (e.g. Phosphate decrement, intermittent shuttle tests)

Reactive Starts/reaction time measurement

Reactive Training Drills (Grids, Cuts, Serpentine) including custom reactive protocols

Fully automated pacing (Beep Test, Yoyo Test, Multistage Fitness Tests, custom programmable pacing)

Standard SMARTJUMP Jump testing (number of jumps or jumps in a given time)

SMARTJUMP Jump Training with real-time visual feedback


SMARTSCORE Wireless scoreboards

SMARTSHOXX Impact trigger


SMARTSTART Wireless RFID and Start Gun

Hand start pads, manual thumb start/finish options

Lite gates can be used as non-reactive gates (start or trigger gate) when mixed with Pro Gates and controlled by a pro control unit)

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Take your analytics to the next level

Upgrade your SMARTSPEED account to include SMARTSPEED CLOUD and FVP

Check out these accessories for SMARTSPEED


Revolutionize jump training and testing with real-time feedback and powerful analysis.


The must have add-on for automated athlete identification.


Wireless portable scoreboard for real-time feedback and maximum motivation.


Impact/vibration trigger for targets or start blocks.


Multi-purpose wireless start gun and RFID station for athletics applications.