Real-Time Feedback and Results Analysis Anywhere in the World

SMARTSPEED Live is a real-time digital scoreboard compatible with all SMARTSPEED (PRO, LITE, PT) and SMARTJUMP system versions. Simply launch a Live session from the mobile app, and share your testing results real-time with athletes, coaches and scouts.

SMARTSPEED Live Features

So simple to use every session

  • Instant sharing of results via the internet – within seconds the athlete finishing each run
  • Combine data from multiple testing sessions or even multiple testing station into one interactive display
  • Compatible with all SMARTSPEED PRO, LITE, PT and SMARTJUMP systems
  • Configurable display with show/hide options, custom sorting, table and or chart views
  • Real time comparisons between athletes and the group
  • Compatible with all internet connected devices including tablets and mobile phones
  • Mobile responsive display
  • Register up to 5 mobile devices on one subscription

Ideal for Combines and Scouting Events

SMARTSPEED Live will add another dimension to your events. Set up leader boards around the event venue or simply share your Live scoreboard address by email so athletes, coaches and scouts can watch Live results right on their mobile device in real time. See instant comparisons against the group, sort and filter to pinpoint the stand out performances you are looking for.

Free 30 Day Trial

Activate your free 30-day trial today by downloading the latest version of the SMARTSPEED App and clicking the link on the session setup page.