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The Benefits to Your Team

Customize to fit your layered or distributed structure and unique medical and performance requirements.

Integrate your data systems and access all your performance, health, and injury data in one place. Save time by automating your unique workflows and reporting needs.

Monitor performance, collaborate with practitioners, and deliver personalized support during training cycles wherever they are.

Provide timely and relevant info to make better decisions that drive performance and availability.

The Only Infinitely-Configurable Human Performance Solution

Because the science surrounding human performance is constantly evolving, you need a solution that can quickly adapt. Smartabase provides the most flexible solution on the market today – allowing you to create what you need while avoiding the expense of building and maintaining a homegrown solution.

Create parent- and child-sites and configure robust group/role permissions to support each sport while centralizing your data and leveraging best practices across your organization.

Smartabase supports your medical and performance staff in a single, centralized solution. Easily ingest data from third-party devices, wearables, apps, and other data management systems.

Use the metrics and calculations your staff decides are the most effective. Get your team on the same page by providing timely and personalized views of performance, health, and medical data.

Streamline data capture from screenings, questionnaires, performance interventions, and more using custom and mobile-friendly digital forms. Work the way you want with flexible workflows that automate your data management processes from end to end.

Enable timely and effective cross-team collaboration with custom triggers to send reminders and alerts to leadership and staff to deliver the care your athletes need.

Popular Integrations

ufc for case study

UFC Performance Institute

“We had the resources and knowledge. Now we have a delivery and decision system to build a truly athlete-centered human performance program that can effectively optimize MMA fighter performance.”

— Duncan French, VP of Performance, UFC Performance Institute
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