Fusion Sport, proud partner of the 2019 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Performance optimization strategies that helped win a championship

In this session High Performance Manager Glenn Stewart took the 2019 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference audience through the high performance strategies that led to his team the West Coast Eagles winning the 2018 Australian Football League Premiership. He explored the four things the high-performance unit chose to do exceptionally well, their ‘big rocks’, and how they distinguished the great strategies from the good using data aggregated in Smartabase to critically analyze what related to player and team success. Enter your details below to access and watch the session. 

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Redefine your approach to athlete data management 

The Fusion Sport SMARTABASE Immersion Program will change the way you look at athlete performance optimization.  Ideal for pro teams, colleges, military groups, performing arts and high performance institutes, the Immersion consists of two high-intensity days of applied sport science with our world-leading experts in driving human performance.

Discover the latest approaches in custom athlete data management and analytics modeling using the SMARTABASE Human Performance Platform specifically customized for your organization. Learn how it’s being employed across all departments: high performance, strength and conditioning, medical, physiotherapy and other specialty areas for sustained improvement. Learn more about the High Performance Immersion Workshop.